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05-06-2008, 09:00 AM
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Telugu aunties beauty exposed again

Simran, Suhasini, Kushboo, Radhika and Raasi are all again entering the acting industry. Some have taken up the small screen as their re-entry platform and some have taken the big screen as their re-entry platform. Simran and Suhasini are going to don the role of reality hosts in their respective TV channels, while some are already into the small screen industry in the serials.
But will the same magic which was in them previously continue now. Simran is already a mother of a one year baby now. It is reported that she has used some creams on doctors prescription to make her breast shapes and buttocks erect. Otherwise previously in the initials stages of her re-entry i.e. in a film with Krishna Bagman all her shapes were sagging terribly and any outfit on her looked awkward. But now the lady has reentered again with the previous shapes and sizes.
Suhasini who is going to host a show soon on a popular Television channel is advertising for it by wearing a transparent black blouse and a sari. It is reported by the assistant director of the show that her shapes are sagging and cannot be filmed from a long shot. And adding to this she is wearing all sleeveless blouses only to show her extra flab on her hands. It is also reported as a fact by the spot boys that Suhasini neither bothers to shave her arms and comes to the sets and wears the outfits with all her the hair below her arms sticking out. Raasi, Kushboo, Radhika are trying their luck from sometime now. But only Radhika has again excelled in again recapturing the magic among the audience. Raasi and Kushboo are outdated now as they shapes have become like heavy tankers and all are looking like mallu aunties in porn videos.


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