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06-29-2010, 10:55 AM
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Raavan's dead body with Sri Lankan Government

Sri Lanka Government Approves Ravan A Part Of Their History- Ravanís Coffin Available- Pushpak Viman- 5 Air Ports- Sita Goli- Sri Lanka Preparing CD For Dissemination- Knowledge Awareness- By Professional Engineer Suraj Singh Abu Dhabi

Objective: Ramayana no more a Myth- Now Authenticated.
1 Sri Lanka government has done its job- Recognised & authenticated Ravanís existence on their lands.

2 King Ravanís body is expected to be available in a Coffin in an inaccessible cave. Natural obstruction comes in should it be tried to enter in.

3 Pushpak Viman available. Five Airports used by Ravan are also available. Advanced Technology in fact existed in those eras.

4 Sita Golis (medicine tablets) available. Sanjivanis.
The people of Bharat should care for themselves to prove that Ramayana is a part of factual history & not a myth. Bharat government shall never accept such facts for their anti hindu nature so as to appease muslims particularly.
Jai Bharat Vande Matram
1 In continuation to their sincere efforts, Zee News has been extending its discoveries about the relevant facts respecting Ramayana that has been condoned & scorned by the minority benevolent government of Bharat. Bharat government has behaved as if they do not know anything about Hindus faith that is about the Vedas, Ramayana etc. The government did nothing even to find the facts & has been keeping silent as if all these issues are alien to Bharat. It is now on a published gazette that government of Sri Lanka has formally approved the existence of Raven as an authentic part of their history so that it cannot be considered a myth any longer.

2 Certain facts have been discovered after a long research work by the team constituted with appointed Sri Lankan officials & supporting Mr Ashok. Zee News was informed about many facts. Sri Lanka has located on records 59 sites in connection with Ramayana that happened in Sri Lanka territory. Garoor shape Pushpak Viman design & full scale prototype model made of steel is available. This flying machine can carry with it 3 persons. The phenomenon of its technical operation is under further study. Five locations for the airports raven used for the flying his aircrafts have been located on heights of mountains on a plain terrain of about 8 Kms. All these airports were ablaze by Lord Hanuman. A village is available the people belonging to which feel a great pride for Ravan & that they belong to his ancestry.

3 These airports were constructed on heights of steep mountainous terrain & after a distance travel on hills, these researches could reach these locations that show black in colour due to work of fire effect thousands years back. The shape of the Viman is like a Garoor, a transport used by Lord Vishnu. Ravan built the facility at a height so that less fuel or whatever substance be used if take off is conducted from a height.

4 There is located one temple where Bhagwan Siddarth Gautam Budh appeared during his visit. Thousands of devotees pray there everyday. All these devotees do also worship Vibhishan, younger brother of Ravan. Vibhishanís photo is displayed on Sri Lankaís parliament building interior walls.

5 With an intension of finding some hidden treasure, one person 72 years old some 20 years back had tried to reach the cave where a coffin is kept, the dimension of coffin being 17í or 18í x 4í high. The person was shocked to find a dead body in that coffin. According the sources, the dead body of Ravan was preserved in this coffin by Nagaís of that period with a thought of applying Sanjivani later. It is like impossible to reach to this spot. This research group met some bad incidences while trying to reach there. First attempt brought an attack by a Cheeta. Second attempt brought an attack by Bees. And the third attempt the time they started their helicopter, the weather was good but when they were just to reach there, weather turned too inclement that they had to return back. The area is full of animals & snakes. A further try shall be made. The reality of Ravan shall come to the world soon when the coffin is opened soon. It is felt that still the soul powers of asurs have been protecting the dead body that was well preserved by application of various chemical coatings.

6 Some tablets are traceable in this area of Sita living. When Ravan was about to reach Lanka Ashok Vatika with kidnapped Sita, Sita started vomiting & to treat Sita, Ravan offered certain medicines to Sita that angry Sita threw all. All these tablets were produced using rice & ayurveda medicines applications. The tablets have been tested in one of Japanís laboratory, The report confirms that the tablets are about 10000 years old. The people have named these as Sanjivani, the Sita tablets & use for their diseases treatment.

7 A multi route tunnel or sub way exists in the area that was used by Ravan & his accomplices. Such tunnels are not available now. The factory where aircrafts were repaired is also available. The whole ancient structural remains indicate that Ravan was a great scientist & an engineer of his time in addition to being a warrior. He had learned a lot of techniques.

8 Area where his palaces were situated is also available. It is a completely integrated city of his time well designed to suit for the purpose of aristocratic living. His city looks like a Fort with one top burgee broken by the Bhrama astra application by Ram. A well designed landscape & all types of palatial facilities.

9 It is commendable that Sri Lanka government has done its legal duty towards the history certification based on genuine research works & the world is finding a modified history belonging to our region. The Bharat Sarkar is an exclusive extraordinary & expert in overlooking such issues to their best intriguing capabilities. They are unaware that the people of Bharat shall make the history of Bharat alive to the world people. It is better should the government awaken immediately to include the chapter of Ramayana & Mahabharata into history books & eliminate the word of Myth from all records so that the world community shall have to accept the facts as detailed to them allover new. It is also a fact that the government should have will to do so.

Declaration-Blog is based on personal observations & thoughts exclusively

Another link where you can find dis : [REDACTED]
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