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03-15-2009, 11:05 AM
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House Call of Nature - Intelligence Toilet!!

House Call of Nature - Intelligence Toilet!!

] [IMG] [REDACTED] [/img]
Price: $3,250-$4,800
The doctor is in. Japanese builder Daiwa House and Toto, Japan?s No. 1 toilet maker, have teamed up to develop a bathroom that lets users monitor their health. It analyzes urine samples, measures your blood pressure, and checks your body fat. All that tech doesn?t come cheap. Depending on the features you choose, it can set you back nearly $5,000.

] [IMG] [REDACTED] [/img]
Intelligence Toilet, urine sampler
A tiny receptacle inside the toilet bowl collects and analyzes urine samples. A digital readout just above the sink gives you results.

] [IMG] [REDACTED] [/img]
Intelligence Toilet, blood pressure gauge
Stored in a compartment next to the toilet paper dispenser, the blood pressure monitor lets you take your vital signs while you?re seated.

] [IMG] [REDACTED] [/img]
Intelligence Toilet, body fat measurer
Stand at the sink and grab two knobs, and a tiny electric charge travels through your hands to get an instant reading of your body fat. At your feet an electronic scale is part of the floor so you can weigh yourself while washing your hands

] [IMG] [REDACTED] [/img]
"Beauty" toilet, Matsushita Electric Industrial
Price: $1,150
Ready. Aim. Fire. Matsushita Electric Industrial had the cleaning staff in mind when it came up with its ?etiquette point? lamp. The dot of light acts as a guide for men who can?t always find their mark. Hit the bull?s-eye inside the bowl and you minimize splash-back, making cleanup a cinch. The idea was first tested in Japan at Kansai International Airport, near Osaka, where officials discovered that putting stickers inside toilet bowls kept the bathroom cleaner. This model went on sale in November.

] [IMG] [REDACTED] [/img]
"Alauno" toilet, Matsushita Electric Works
Price: $2,300-$3,400
Released in October, this super bowl is Matsushita Electric Works? solution for anyone who hates the task of brushing away that nasty water-level ring. The Alauno?s bowl is made of a stain-resistant organic glass used for aquariums. And the toilet?s ?Gekiochi Baburu? (?Amazing Bubble?) cleanser combines detergent with tiny air bubbles that act as a natural scrubber. Everything about the ?Alauno? implies clean?even the name, which translates to ?wash.?

] [IMG] [REDACTED] [/img]
"Alauno" toilet, Matsushita Electric Works, silent flush/LED lighting
Afraid of waking the entire family with your nocturnal trips to the toilet? Two new features of the Alauno can help. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) placed strategically at the foot of the toilet and inside the bowl make this unit easy to find in the dark. And the flush is a mere 55 decibels, which is equivalent to the white noise in a library. During the day, you can pipe your favorite tunes into the bathroom via a speaker on the side of the toilet.

] [IMG] [REDACTED] [/img]
Clean and Dry
Shower Toilet, INAX
Price: $1,100
Inax, Japan?s second-largest toilet maker, released this mass-market robo-toilet in May. It features a bidet and a washer-dryer for your backside. And there?s no need to raise and lower the seat. Sensors detect when you?re near and open the lid for you. After you leave, it shuts the lid and flushes automatically. At night, you can forget about flipping the light switch because the ?honoka,? or dim lighting, from LEDs beams light onto the floor and into the bowl.

] [IMG] [REDACTED] [/img]
What?s Your Pleasure?
Shower Toilet, INAX
In the winter, a heater inside the unit automatically keeps the seat at a toasty 26 degrees Celsius (79 degrees Fahrenheit) and warms the spray to 34 Celsius (93 Fahrenheit). Of course, all the settings, including spray strength, can be changed to suit ?different personal sensation levels,? as the Inax Web site points out.

] [IMG] [REDACTED] [/img]
That?s a Wrap
"Wrappon" toilet, Nihon Safety Co.
Price: $850-$1,250 (actual retail price to be determined)

So long, potty pan. Hello Wrappon! Tokyo-based Nihon Safety Co. came up with this porta-potty for convalescent homes and elderly hospices. The company found that staff at these facilities often complained about commode-cleaning duties. To make cleanup easier, the Wrappon captures waste in a diaper-like bag. The bag is sealed shut with a contraption inside that?s activated by a remote control, and a drawer below the seat and armrests acts as a temporary storage until the bags can be tossed. The name is partly onomatopoeic: The ?pon? in Wrappon comes from the sound the disposable bags make when landing in the trash bin.
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